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One of the only problems I've had with the truck was that the heater core decided to go out in the middle of winter. This was a pretty labor intensive job. The first thing to do is to drain the radiator and pull the hoses off the heater core.


The heater core is actually accessed from inside the truck, behind the glovebox. As you can see, it's going to be a pain to get at. You are going to have to remove the glove box, the radio, the ashtray, the trim around the kickpanel, and finally remove enough screws so you can pull the dash out about 6 inches or so.


Your goal is to remove this cover. There are several screws along the bottom, and three on top.


You will need to remove the lower screws on the bands that hold the heater core in place. After this, pull the heater core down and out.

Now take the new one and slide it back into place. Installation is the the opposite order you did to pull it out. As you can see, one of the tubes, probably from movement, was the cause of the leak.


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