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My most recent posession. It's a 1993 LeBaron Convertible with the 3.0 V6 and the A604, the infamous 4-speed transmission from chrysler. Why'd I get it? It was dirt cheap becuase it has a blown transmission. The transmission is fine until it gets warm - it'll chirp the gears off a dead stop and shifts firm through the rest. Once it warms up though, there are no gears - all it does is squeal. I suspect one or two things. First is that someone put the wrong transmission fluid in it. From what I read, only ATF +3 can be put in this transmission. The other part to suspect is the torque convertor. Next summer will tell for sure when I finally get to checking it. Unfortunately, it was also owned by a smoker, and that's a whole nother project in and of itself.


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