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Well, this car was owned by a smoker, so I decided to rememdy that. My first step was to get my girlfriends brother and his friends to steam clean the car. To do a complete job, I pulled the buckets, took apart the console, and pulled the rear seat. I had them steam clean it all, and I left everything out to dry.

Well, needless to say, steam cleaning was a bad idea. Not only did that put water in the interior, but the convertible top leaks. I left the doors open for a few days, and put a fan in it to try to and dry it. No luck - I had mold start to grow. Well about this time I left for college, so the doors were shut and left for a few weeks - I came back and lo and behold, about 25% of the carpet was covered in mold.

I then decided to pull the carpet out (easy enough since everything else was out already). I nuked it with a can of lysol to kill the mold, and the next day I used oxy-clean on it - worked like charm. The carpet looks great, and I set it out in the sun to dry, and then put it in the garage and went back to school.


Got back from school, and went to reassemble the interior. Turns out all the seatbelts, the dash, and some felt pieces also decided to have mold grow on them. Seems like I can't do anything with this car without something else popping up. So I nuked the entire interior with lysol, and I'm going to come back and try to clean the rest of the car with oxy-clean. I will also hopefully take some pictures so this page doesn't look so drab.

October 12th, 2002: This weekend I went to pull out the seatbelts. This is harder than it sounds. I thought I had gutted the interior pretty well before - well everything except the dash had to come out to get the seatbelts out. It also rained earlier that week, and I caught the offending water puddle in my car.


To do the seatbelts, I took two big pails - I filled one with just water, and the other I put hot water and quite a bit of oxy-clean. I extended the seatbelts as far as I could, then just dunked them in the pail (well everything except the retracting mechanism). You know the noise that putting baking soda on batteries? This is what these seatbelts sounded like when i dunked them in. I let them soak for a bit, the pulled them out and laid them on a two by four. I scrubbed one side at a time with a coarse brush, dunked them in the clean water, and then I hung them from the garage rafters to dry. After they dried, they look good as new - next weekend I hope to put the interior back in the car.

November 5, 2002: I took a few pics of what I had to do to get the seat belts out. Esentially every piece of interior trim in the whole car is out except for the dash (and door panels). Who knows - maybe those'll have to come out eventually.


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