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Putting The Interior In
Cleaning the Interior

If you remember from my cleaning incident, I had pulled the interior completely out and cleaned everything individually. The first thing I decided to do was adjust the convertible top and windows and get it to stop leaking so I didn't have to worry about water problems again. I followed this write up at Spikey's LeBaron pages.

Asjusting just the top didn't seem to solve my problems, so I pulled the door panels off to adjust the windows. I first started by taking out the screw behind the handle. There is also one screw in the arm rest.


Next, I popped the courtesy light out. Behind the courtesy light is one screw. The light itself will twist off the socket to give you more room.


The speaker grate will pop off fairly easily. Behind it is one screw. Lastly, there are three screws hidden in the carpet.


You will have to lift up on the door panel and wiggle it off. When you finally get it off, it will still be connected by power window/lock wires, the remote mirror, and the speaker wires. The wiring easily unclips, but the remote mirror requires a small allen wrench to loosen. There are three bolts that adjust the mirror angles. Two of them you can get at when the window is open, the third you will need to lower the window slightly to get to. It was easiest to take the switch off the door panel and hook it up so I could roll it up and down while adjusting it.


It turned out that the car seems to have been in a fairly severe accident (as I knew from the previous owner), and the top just would not seal. I eventually added a piece of weather stripping to the top of the windshield, and everything seems to be sealed fine now - it passes the garden hose test. One thing I noticed is that it sometimes seals better if you roll the window up once the door is shut.

I then proceeded to put the interior back in. The floor had quite a bit of rust, so I primed it and painted it - the only color I had was gloss red. Once it dried, I put the door panels and carpet back in.


While I had everything apart, I installed a couple of things I picked up at the local Meijer on clearence. I got 4 5 1/4" Jensen 2-ways for 20 bucks, and they went in with minimal effort. I also got two 6" neons, and a neon bar for around 10. I bought a rocker switch and installed it behind the shifter, and hid all the wiring.


There are only a few minor things I need to replace in the interior and it will be done. The next project is the transmission.

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