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Transmission Swap
Transmission Flush
Putting The Interior In
Cleaning the Interior

I decided to try and see if flushing the transmission might bring some life back to the LeBaron. I decided to "flush" it by changing the fluid a couple of times. Picked up a case of ATF+3 and a filter kit. The transmission pan is pretty easy to get to by pulling one wheel off.


Make sure to get a big pan to put under it, and then loosen up the four bolts at the bottom of the pan and pull them off. Pull off two bolts up each of the sides; it may start to drip at this point. Loosen up the rest, and pry the pan down to drain it. Once it's empty, you can pull it off. As you can see, it's full of metal shaving and other crap. The old filter also came down with the pan; it is only held in by a rubber o-ring.


I cleaned the pan out in the parts washer, and wiped it down. Make sure to put the magnet back in the pan. I bolted the pan back up, and filled it with four quarts of oil. I proceeded to take it around the block, and it made a noticable change, but did not fix the problem. I then changed the fluid twice more.


So although this did help the transmission, it did not fix it. My next choice - ditch the A604.

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