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So I gave up on the A604 4-speed automatic. The 5-speed swap was going to be to expensive and labor intensive, so I picked up an A670 3-speed from a 94 Voyager. The main difference between the two is whether it's computerized (A604) or hydraulic (A670). I pulled the battery and intake system out of it to clear some room from the top. I then got the car up on stands. If I did this over again, I would make sure to drain the radiator - the upper hose will have to be disconnected at one point.


The first thing to do was to disassemble the front end. I had to rent a 32mm socket for the axle nut; it was pretty easy to get off with an impact. You also have to unbolt the swaybar bushings and pull it down and out of the way.


Next is to take this bolt (highlighted in red) out - it has a nut on one side, so you will need a second wrench. Once you get this clamp undone, you can take a pickle fork and seperate the arm from the spindle.


This is easier with two people. Have one person swing the spindle assembly out of the way, and have the other pull the front half shaft out of the transmission. Do this to the other side as well.


There are several bolts on the car, and it was to hard to try and take pictures of them all. There are three that hold the starter in; pull those and the starter out. There are then three or four other bolts that you need to get at from the bottom of the car around the permiter of the flywheel cover. Once you get the flywheel cover off, you can get the torque convertor bolts out. There are four at the top of the transmission; the upper radiator hose does need to come off. There are also three in the wheel well that hold the motor mount in. After I got them all out, I jiggled the transmission until it dropped out. I then raised the car farther and pulled it out. Make sure you have an extra jack or stand to hold the motor up! It will only be bolted in the car by one motor mount.

I don't have pictures of the reinstallation, but it was fairly difficult to get it back in the car and lined up. It involved raising the motor at the same time as raising the transmission until it was just right. It was easier to get the bottom pins started and then go around to the other bolts. The first time I ended up jamming the torque convertor in to far, and it wouldn't turn. I had to buy several long bolt so I could pull the transmission away from the motor without pulling it out of the car, and then pryed it back out. After that, it bolted right up with no other problems. I got all the bolts in; I had to use the transmission mount from the caravan. I have to fabricate the kickdown linkage, and splice the reverse lights, neutral saftey lockout, and speedo into the wiring harnesses. I also have to replace one of the transmission seals and repack one of the CV joints. This is my project for spring break.

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