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SwayBar Bushings
Changing the Alt Belt
Changing the Oil
Changing the Brakepads

The belt on the caprice has been squeeking like crazy, and when it would I noticed the lights would dim. I tried just tightning the belt, but it didn't do any good - time for a new one. As you can see, the old belt was missing several teeth.


In order to remove the belt, you need to loosen the alternator up so it will swing out of the way - there are two bolts to do this. Loosen them both up and rotate the alternator out of the way. Manuever the belt over the fan and off. Put the new one on the same way. To tighten the the belt up, use a big screwdriver to pry it up to put tension on the belt, and then tighten the two belts.


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