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So how did I get into the car hobby? Well, I owe it to my own father. Ever since I was a kid, he's always had a car as a project. From the stories he tells, he'd toss me and my brother into the back of the 55 and drive around the block to put us to sleep. Every wonder what great exhaust notes as a kid will do you to you when you grow up? Now you know!

Cars that are currently with us
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My dad's current toy - a 64 Corvette Convertible. It has a one piece tilt fiberglass front end, with a 350 and a 4 speed giving it power.

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The classic truck my dad always wanted - awaiting attention. It's a 62 Ford F100 Fleetside Unibody. Powered by a 292 and a posessed transmission.

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Cars that are no longer with us

This was the first car I remember. It was originally a red 55 210, and was repainted to a metallic blue and frost white two tone paint job. It was powered by a stout little 283.

A 66 GTO hard top. Car that was there for quite a bit when I was a kid. I remeber the engine rebuild - he pulled the engine out with a come-a-long attached to the rafters. If that doesn't teach you ingenuity, I don't know what will.

67 LeMans Convertible. First rag top classic, and the one that was around while I was in high school. I took it to all the dances. Most memorable moment - peeling out around a corner in front of the principle and directory of security at prom after the car was parked out in front of the dance. This was after the float got stuck open and left me stranded about five minutes from my house. My dad took it back, swapped carbs, and had it to the dance in time for me to take it home. Aren't dads great?

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