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Below I have tried to categorize the majority of the projects I have done. Following each project is the car that was worked on.

Driveshaft U-Joints (Jimmy)
Timing Belt (Talon)
Transmission Fluid/Filter Change (LeBaron)
Changing your Belts (Caprice)
Changing your Oil (Caprice)
Changing valve springs (Monte)
Replacing press in studs with screw ins (Monte)
Cleaning a Moldy Interior (LeBaron)
Removing Door Panels (LeBaron)
Heater core replacement (S10)
Replacing SwaybarBushings (Caprice)
Changing your Brakepads (Caprice)
Replacing Brake Bushings (Caprice)
Gauge Overlays (Talon)
Remote Car Starter(Jimmy)
Sandblasting (Monte)
Removing body from frame (Monte)
Floorpan Replacement (Monte)
Wheelwell Repair (Monte)

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