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December 27, 2002: I got my girlfriend a remote car starter (from Bulldog Security for Christmas, so of course I had to install it. Pretty much I followed the supplied instructions very carefully. The kit came with a bank of relays, a wiring harness, a computer, a video, and a bonus accessory bag of stuff (which I actually used - my utility knife was to big to get under the dash). I also got the supplied wiring harness diagram from the manufacturer's website. With that, it was just a simple matter of find the right colored wire, cut, and splice. The instructions said to do it with no crimps or solder, and they had a specific way of wrapping the wires that included using a zip-tie as the last step. The harness I spliced into the majority of the time was to the right of the steering column heading towards the center console.


12 Volts Constant RED(2) Ignition Harness
Ignition PNK Ignition Harness
Accessory/Heater Blower ORG Ignition Harness
Starter PURP Ignition Harness
Parking Lights BRN (+) @Light Switch
Pwr Door Lock LT BLU Drv Kick Panel
Pwr Door Unlock BLK/WHT Type A or Type C
Rear Hatch Release BRN(+) @ Rear Hatch Release Switch
Brake WHT(+) Switch on Brake Pedal Bracket

I did leave out some of the safety features (such as an underhood pin so the truck won't start while the hood is up and wiring a circuit so it won't start in gear). It works perfect except for the heater not turning on - I have a few suspicions as to what's causing it and I will investigate when I get the time. I also need to buy an additional relay to wire the doors and hatch remotely.

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