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Well, I managed to drop a cap off the ujoint when pulling the front driveshaft out, so that meant I had to purchase a new one and put it in. To remove the drive shaft, take the brackets off on the yokes; to keep the shaft from spinning, use a screwdriver to hold it still. Once you have the brackets off, use a screwdriver to pry it back into the transmission/transfer case, lower the one end, and then pull it out.


The first thing I did is tape the other joint so I wouldn't have to worry about having another cap fall off. After this I put it in the vise and started tapping the inner c-clips out.


Here's one of the c-clips. There are actually two; just pop them both out. Make sure the new clips match the old ones and then toss the old clips.


We had purchased a press from Harbor Freight a while back. If you don't have a press, using the vise will work as well using some spare sockets as plates. Press the joint in one direction as far as it goes.


Take the cap off the one side, and press it back through to the other side. Once you remove the other cap, it should side right out. Take the new u-joint and screw in the zerk fitting and tighten it.


Take two of the caps of and make sure that you don't lose any of the pins or get any dirt in them. Slip the joint back in the yoke and press the caps on as far as possible by hand. Make sure not to drop the caps.


Finish by using the press to press the caps on. After the caps are in, press the new c-clips back in. You may have to jostle the joint around until you get enough space to slip them in.


The final thing you have to do is to fill it full of grease. Fill it until you feel the caps start to push off. Tape it up and you're ready to put it back in.

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