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This is my project car, an 1985 Monte Carlo SC. I have absolutely no plans to turn it into an SS. I got this car when I turned 16, drove it up until last year. I pulled the motor for my caprice, and then I started into this project. Right now, I plan on paiting the frame and underbody (I'm considering pulling the body off the frame), then redoing the front (2" beltech drop and 34mm firebird bar) and rear (boxed control arms) suspension. I will toss the 7.5" peg leg with 2.sumthins that in there for a 7.5" 3.73 posi from another monte. I will also replace the 200c metric tranny with a built 2004r, and in place the of the 305 will be a 350 with vortec heads (which I already have bought). On the apperance side of things, I have a couple of secret ideas for the car, but the things I'll say is a laydown spoiler, the same rims, new set of doors, a new front end. The weather stripping will have to be redone also. For the interior, I have around five or six consoles, so I will get a complete one out of those. I also have a replacement dash. I will be redying each part of the interior at the same time so I can get a constant color. I will also get replacement carpet, and I will have the headliner redone. I will also finsih the trunk and try to fab a custom box that will have 2 12s and room for my t-tops.


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