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I decided that the best way to to repair everything on this car was to pull the body off the frame. That way I could fix all the rust I could find without worrying about anything being hidden. The first thing I did was lighten the car as much as possible. I then went around the car and start pulling out body mounts. I used an impact after letting the bolts soak for a few days, but I still had less than stellar success with them. Out of the ten bolts, I managed to get 5 out, snapped 3, and the remaining two weren't even attached to the body because the body had rotted out there.


Once I got the mounts out, I first lifted the rear end of the car and put on a board across two sawhorses. I then proceeded to lift the front of the car by two come-alongs on the lower door hinges to the rafters.


I then pulled the rear end of the car out and set it on a pair of skate boards so I could pull it out. Doing so allowed me to leave the body lower, and since it was narrower, it fit between the two sawhorses better.


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