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When I pulled up the carpet, I was greeted by the following site. I could put my foot through it!


The first thing I did was cut out the seat brackets and I made an initial cut so I had an idea of what I wanted to use and where the factory welds were.


I then took the replacement pan and started cutting out the section I planned on using.


I ended up deciding to use as much of the factory seams as possible, so I cut up the seam in the firewall to use the lip on the floorpan. I also move the cut on the transmission tunnel higher so I could use the straight edge on the floor pan as well.


Once I was satisfied with the fit, I started welding the pan in. I decided that I wanted to use a buttweld all the way around, mostly becuase I'm a perfectionist and I would always know that an overlapped seam would look dumb when I'm under the car. It also gave me practice before I started doing any body work.


The next step now that the pan is completely welded in is to paint it to prevent rust, weld the seat mounts back in, and put seam sealer back around the seams just as the factory did.

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