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Suspension parts that I have chosen.

All the hard parts ordered from Northern Auto Parts. They are TRW brand, which is owned by Federal Mogul (who also owns Moog). It includes a centerlink, tie rod ends and sleeves, and an idler arm. It also has all the ball joints. I also bought a set of rear srpings (CC651) from a monte list member that he had lying around his garage. This is next to the old spring.


I also picked up a few energy suspension components for the car. I got endlinks and greasable 36mm bushings for the f-body sway bar I have.


I also ordered a poly body bushing kit. From, I got a set of 1LE bushings for the rear arms, and a set of 2nd generation ZQ8 bumpstops.


I also have moog problem solver bushings and a set of Moog 5660 front coils for the front end, and a set of bilstiens for the front. I'll get pictures eventually.

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