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When I started working on the body, one of the first problems I noticed right away was my wheel wells. You could see through into the trunk, and there was quite a bit of weak metal in the area. In hindsight, I almost wish I would have just done a set of minitubs, but when I started, I thought it would be to much work, that I would lose the rear seat, and that I didn't want to notch the frame as well.


I started with the driver side since it seemed to be the worst. I first cut out all the old metal that I could.


Then using metal cut from an old hood, I made several patch panels and welded them in. I first started by welding in sections to the floor and seat area, then finished by welding in a piece into the wheel well.


I had to remove the body mount on both sides as well, and still have to figure out how I am going to re-build and re-mount them.

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