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Timing Belt
Reverse Indiglo Gauges
Replacing Sheet Metal
Purchase and History

I purchased this car from someone that sells quite a few DSMs (I beleive he sold about 15 in one year). The previous owner had driven it underneath a truck that had a trailer hitch, and that punched down into the car. He replaced the bumper and hood with a green set from an eclipse. I brought a radiator, we tossed it in, and I drove it home. Other than the lower radiator hose coming off, I didn't have any problems.


The bumper and headlights were originally held on by mostly zipties. One of the first things I made sure to do was remove the mismatched and wrong size double white windshield wipers, and a big sticker that was in the back window. Next is probably going to be the do it yourself black/purple tint. Now to all the rest of the pictures.




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