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Timing Belt
Reverse Indiglo Gauges
Replacing Sheet Metal
Purchase and History

Within a week of owning the car, I picked up quite a few parts from a guy parting out a TSi. I got the front two fenders since the fronts of the ones on the car were bent. I also got a passenger side door since it looks like there was a dent in it at one time, and someone decided the best way to fix it was by using a hammer and a screwdrive and beating it out.


Stripping the car down took about an hour. The bumper cover was especially easy since it was held on mostly by zip ties. However, I did manage to snap several bolts in the car. Shortly after taking these pictures, it started to rain so I finished with out taking any more pictures. I had to replace the passenger side door handle and change the locks, and I did that using a how-to from a dsm site. That was a pretty big pain; I hope to not have to do it any time soon.


I also grabbed a radiator header for this car. The problem with these cars is that the header panels are welded to the car. I managed to get one with the front frame rails, but after spending several hours drilling out all the welds that were on the one, I decided I would be unable to do the same to the one on the car. Instead I broke out the come-along and pulled it up to a tree and pulled the header out a bit more that way, until the headlights more or less lined up. I put it back together and bolted the bumper cover down, although I need a few more bolts for the support plate and the headlights.


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